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Blendy is a plant based drink made from only four ingredients and was created by professional footballer Nathan Smith.

Nathan wanted to have a hydration drink that helped to reduce inflammation in his body, increase energy and speed up recovery in order to extend his professional football career.

Nathan knows the right hydration will make you feel good immediately, it will give you energy and bring healing to your body.

Energy drinks that contain preservatives and unnatural sugars can lead to bad health. 

Blendy only contains 100% natural premium ingredients, Key Limes, Agave, Jamaican Ginger and Hydrogen Water. No Preservatives, No Chemicals and No Artificial Flavourings!


Infused with Hydrogen water, Blendy is the total hydration beverage that boosts immunity while reducing inflammation.


Bursting with light and fresh tropical flavours. Blendy leaves you feeling refreshed!

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